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My List of Famous Pedophiles Would Shock The World – – 21 Dec 2023 |

has been cancelled from TV and the press for exposing the heinous acts that are systemic in government, the and the royal family.

talks about the incredible things she has uncovered about , , Mountbatten, and more.


0:00 Intro
0:40 Elite Spying on
3:40 Confronting Prime Minister David Cameron!
5:40 33 Boys in Care Homes
8:40 The Man Who Lied
10:40 Satanic Panic
13:20 The Secrets of the Establishment
15:40 The Laptop
18:40 Why We Question Journalists
21:00 Have I Got News For You vs Piers Morgan
23:40 Why wasn't caught?
26:25 Margaret Thatcher Knew
30:40 Dennis Thatcher Was One of Them
33:40 Worst Parliament Case (Awful)
36:10 The High Society Saturday Clubs (Awful)
41:40 Deliberately Ruining The Stories
43:10 Kincora Boys Home & Lord Mountbatten
44:40 Sonia on Risking Life for the Cause
47:40 Is a Psychopath?
50:40 Gangsta Rappers
52:00 Phillip Schofield vs David Cameron
54:40 Conflating homosexuality
55:50 Phillip Schofield's Scandal
58:40 Louis Theroux, & Nepotism
1:07:40 The World's Most Famous Missing Child ()
1:09:40 Holes in the Parents' Story
1:12:40 Andrew's Devil's Advocate
1:14:40 What Really Happened

is a renowned investigative journalist and social activist with over 30 years of experience in journalism. She has worked with prominent media houses in the UK, including The Sunday Times, The Mirror, and The Daily Mail. Poulton has been at the forefront of the digital revolution in journalism and has made a name for herself through her tenacity and passion for exposing the truth.

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Source: My List of Famous Pedophiles Would Shock The World


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