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Fear Factory

Leave the Predictive Behind – 29 Dec 2023 |

discusses the recent influx of dystopian disaster fear-porn.

The recent flood of dystopian disaster themes in mainstream media, entertainment, and politics isn't difficult to spot. This trend has been observed in discussions about “disaster porn,” a term used to describe the sensationalisation of disasters in media and its political implications. Concerns about the future of digital life, including increased exposure to , privacy issues, and the potential for online censorship, have also contributed to this narrative.


The release of the series “Leave the World Behind” featuring a bunker and the revelations of a “secret bunker” being built by are just two examples of the ramped-up disaster programme trend. “” is an apocalyptic starring , , and , based on the novel by . The story follows two families fighting for survival amid a collapsing world, with technology mysteriously on the fritz and strange behaviour from the deer around their Long Island hideout. The film has been described as chilling and has generated discussions about the ending and the implications of the story. Additionally, the construction of a “secret bunker” by has sparked speculation and debate about the motivations behind such a project. Zuckerberg's “secret” Hawaii compound has been the subject of much speculation and controversy. The compound, named , is a massive, 1,400-acre property that will likely cost more than $270 million, including construction. It has been compared to a post-apocalyptic bunker, with a 5,000-square-foot underground shelter, its own energy and food supplies, and a six-foot wall surrounding the property. These developments reflect a broader societal unease about the direction of technology, media, and political forces, and their potential impact on the future.

The – Ingredients: Bullshit


In the ,
The machines never stop,
Churning out worries and doubts,
Until they're all you've got.

The workers are faceless,
But their presence is felt,
As they feed on your fears,
And make your heart melt.

The products they make,
Are nightmares and dread,
And they package them up,
And sell them instead.

But don't be afraid,
For you hold the key,
To shut down the factory,
And set your mind free.

Just remember to breathe,
And face your fears head on,
And soon you'll find peace,
And the factory will be gone.


Hate Media

Creating Public Panic

The “societal unease” can be attributed to various factors, including the influence of media in shaping public opinion, spreading fear and anxiety, and reflecting societal concerns. Some of the ways media contributes to this unease are:

  1. Moral panics: 's affordances can intensify the proclivity to panic, leading to moral panics around various issue. These panics can create a sense of unease and fear among the public, as they are often influenced by sensationalised and exaggerated portrayals of events or issues.
  2. Disaster porn: Disaster porn, or the sensationalisation of disasters in media and politics, can create a sense of unease and fear among the public. This term refers to the exploitation of disaster themes in media to generate profit or attention, often at the expense of accurate and responsible reporting.
  3. Anxiety and mental health: The constant exposure to negative events, such as disasters or health crises, can lead to increased anxiety and mental health issues among the public.  platforms, in particular, have been criticised for deepening young people's feelings of inadequacy and unease.
  4. Social norms and media influence: Media influences social norms and attitudes, both directly and indirectly. This influence can lead to the spread of misinformation, rumours, and fear, further contributing to societal unease.
  5. Political implications: The media's role in shaping public opinion and spreading fear can have significant political implications. By sensationalising certain issues or events and pushing atrocity , media can influence public perception and potentially drive political agendas.

The media plays a significant role in fostering societal unease by sensationalising events, spreading fear and anxiety, and shaping public opinion on various issues. This can lead to increased concern and unease among the public, as they are often influenced by the media's portrayal of the world and its potential dangers.

The mainstream media, entertainment, and political sphere thrive on pushing fear and creating public panic for various reasons. Some of these reasons include:

  1. Attracting attention and driving views: Fear-inducing content can capture the attention of the audience and drive them to engage with the media, whether it's watching a movie, reading an article, or sharing it on .
  2. Creating a sense of urgency: Fear can create a sense of urgency among the audience, encouraging them to take action or make decisions based on the information provided.
  3. Manipulating public opinion: Politicians and political parties can use fear to manipulate public opinion and influence behaviour. They can create fear by raising the spectre of unacceptable and intolerable assaults on cherished values or by exploiting real or perceived threats to the nation or its citizens.
  4. and the spread of panic: platforms can amplify the spread of fear and panic, as people depend on them for information and validation. Misinformation, fake news, and rumours can spread faster than reliable information, leading to increased panic and fear.
  5. Echo chambers and polarisation: The rise of echo chambers and filter bubbles on can lead to polarisation and the spread of fear and misinformation. People who are exposed to like-minded content may become more fearful and more polarised, which can further fuel the spread of fear and panic.

To mitigate the negative effects of fear-mongering, it is essential for individuals to be critical of the information they consume, verify the credibility of sources, and seek out diverse perspectives to make informed decisions.


Leave Their World Behind.

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Source: Leave the Predictive Programming Behind


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