Dr. Naomi Wolf: We Have Entered The Last Stage of Tyranny | Sarah Westall

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Satanic Attack

“We have entered the last stage of tyranny” Naomi Wolf – 27 June 2022 | Sarah Westall

Author and journalist, Dr. Naomi Wolf, rejoins Sarah Westall to discuss the growing tyranny we are witnessing and experiencing worldwide.

Dr. Wolf has been writing about the stages of and now believes America has entered the last stage.

“This is a satanic attack on humanity.”

Sarah and Naomi discuss how both the Chinese Communist Party and the are both pushing for global for the purpose of their worldwide power grab.

“If we can’t come together over this we can’t come together over anything.”

Sources and links

at https://DailyClout.io 

Naomi Wolf’s Book: “The Bodies of Others”

Source: “We have entered the last stage of tyranny” w/ Dr. Naomi Wolf

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