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7/7 Seeds of Deconstruction – 2010 |

This documentary presents a wide-ranging analysis of staged government terror events before exhaustively detailing the contradictions, omissions and errors in the official story of the July 7th, 2005 bombings in .

The first half of the film examines covert operations from three different periods – Central America 1954-63, Italy 1945-1990 and Afghanistan/Pakistan 1979-Present day. These operations are used to provide context to the second half of the film, which is a detailed analysis not only of the events of the day of 7/7, but of the intelligence and security policy of the War on Terror in which 7/7 happened.

7/7 Seeds of Deconstruction examines some of the questions and theories about 7/7 the July 7th 2005 Bombings. The British Government's story of what happened, how, and why is contained in three reports comprising just over 200 pages. There is virtually no forensic physical evidence in the public domain. The first two reports were published simultaneously in 2006, ten months after 7/7. One was a home office narrative of events, written by an unknown civil servant. It is full of cryptic and ambiguous statements, and offers almost no evidence in support of its claims. The second 2006 report was written by the Intelligence and Security Committee, who were hand picked by the Prime Minister to oversee the British .

The report devoted only five pages to the question of what knew about the four alleged bombers before 7/7. However evidence presented at the trial of seven men accused of planting a fertilizer bomb attack, showed knew far mor that the ISC had reported. A second report was published in 2009 which examined thie evidence and explicitedly sought to put down theories about 7/7.

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