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We Just Saw How a Gets Created in Real Time
2 March 2024 |

Is big-tech being used to change reality? Absolutely.

The is said to be a phenomenon where a large group of people collectively misremember an event, fact, or cultural artefact. It was named after Nelson Mandela when many believed he died in the 1980s while he actually passed away in 2013. This shared memory concept was coined by paranormal researcher Fiona Broome. The effect extends to various aspects like movies, books, and historical events, leading to discrepancies in memory recollection. Examples include famous lines from movies like “Mirror, mirror on the wall” instead of the actual “Magic mirror on the wall” from Snow White and “Luke, I am your father” instead of “No, I am your father” from Star Wars. The has sparked debates over its causes, with some attributing it to confabulation, a distortion of memory, while others link it to quantum theory and the existence of alternate realities within the multiverse.

“Who programmed the programmers?”

Melissa Dyke

Racist AI

From The_Void Telegram

Source: We Just Saw How a Mandela Effect Gets Created in Real Time


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