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UK Column News | 8th January 2021

In another ground breaking moment in UK independent news, UK Column report on the tragedy of the US Election and the rising Coronadrama tyranny in the UK.

Quotes and Graphics – News

US Election

Terrorist Leader



“We had Silicon valley, Twitter and Facebook basically taking the president off line. They've acted as Jury and executioner and shut down the President.”


President Zuckerberg


“This is ‘President Zuckerberg' speaking. Mark Zuckerberg is regulating speech of the elected President of the United States of America.”



“This is one of the richest people in the world, an oligarch within an oligarch class, basically saying, ‘these are our media communication channels and you're privileged to use them, even if you are the democratically elected President of TheUnited states, and we will cancel you.”



Stand Down Order




“This is an actor.”


Fact Checkers



“‘Fact checking' companies are saying that ‘there were no Antifa agent provocateurs' but how could they know? They are using this to squash any questions about agent provocateurs.”

“This ‘fact checking' culture is completely out of control and dangerous. ‘Fact Checking' is not journalism. how could you make such definitive statements after only a few hours?”

“Basically it's to control the narrative 100%”


BLM Protest

2011 Democrats Protest




Virtue Signalling


“Who is Boris Johnson to be lecturing the about democracy right now considering the state of the UK right now?”



“The irony here is that the Trump supporters were all out demonstrating about election fraud.”

Guardians of Democracy

UK Tyranny

Scottish Police Thugs



Guardian Winter Drama



“We have seen this every single winter for the last goodness knows how many years but the fact of the matter is, we're not seeing anything  different this year to any other year. We've seen spikes in mortality in the past and we haven't shut down our economy, we haven't shut down the NHS.”


Bed Occupancy England


“We have seen this every single winter for the last goodness knows how many years but the fact of the matter is, we


Pfizer Makeover



“If the Pfizer vaccine doesn't provide immunity and can only reduce symptoms, can they call it a vaccine?”

“Vaccines are meant to immunise. The language is completely fraudulent.” The mainstream media should be up in arms that that is happening but we hear nothing.”


News Stand Propaganda


“Your news stand is an advertising point of sale for the pharmaceutical company and government propaganda.”

“The propaganda is relentless and the collusion between government, corporate media and pharmaceutical companies is a merger of state and corporate power described by Mussolini as fascism.”



Source: UK Column News – 8th January 2021 – YouTube


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