Neil Kramer – Heavenly Fires And Strong Delusions | Veritas Radio

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Fiction. Non-Fiction. Hyper Reality. Supernatural Reality.

– Heavenly Fires And Strong Delusions – Dec 2020 |

takes us on another philosophical journey into the fictional and non-fictional world, through hyper reality and all the way to god.

Biden lost. Biden won… Biden lost.

It's all an illusion.

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Politics (Liberalism is Satanic)



“They would have preferred to stay in the shadows. Their hand has been forced. They've had to show the next phase of their plan, which is decades sooner than they would have wished to do.”

“They should have waited another twenty or thirty years… it's a sign of desperation.”

“They are in an existential crisis.”

We've won, They're all toast!

Enjoy the wonderful mind that brought us the staircase of disbelief.

Kramer is always ahead of the curve.



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