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Democracy and The Illusion of Choice

Millenniyule 2021: Academic Agent – December 2021 | Millennium Woes

The system is extremely good at putting down rival organisation.

Millennium Woes continues his epic conversations with a wide-ranging discussion with , including his list of things that need to die.

“The old nether liberal democratic standard, the separation of powers, is bollocks isn’t it?”

“What is the real difference between Coca-Cola, , Tescos, The Tory Party, , The Church of England, Catholic Church at this point. Are these things really separate entities in any realistic way? Are these really competing power centres in ? Or are they all singing from the same hymn sheet.” 

Academic Agent

“Who has reached this point in and is still a normie?”

“The meme isn’t just real, it’s scarily real.”

Academic Agent’s things that need to die

  • Party – energy in party is a waste of time.
  • Belief in democracy
  • Belief in rule of law or the constitution
  • Belief in equality under the rule of law
  • Belief in Liberalism
  • The idea that anyone in the system has your interests at heart or could be your hero
  • Belief in cartoon cowboy individualism
  • Arguing over statistics
  • Arguing over economics

“Enough is enough!”

Academic Agent

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