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Democracy and The Illusion of Choice

: – December 2021 | Millennium Woes

The system is extremely good at putting down rival organisation.

Millennium Woes continues his epic conversations with a wide-ranging discussion with , including his list of things that need to die.

“The old nether liberal democratic standard, the separation of powers, is bollocks isn't it?”

“What is the real difference between Coca-Cola, , Tescos, The Tory Party, , The Church of England, Catholic Church at this point. Are these things really separate entities in any realistic way? Are these really competing power centres in 2021? Or are they all singing from the same hymn sheet.” 

Academic Agent

“Who has reached this point in 2021 and is still a normie?”

“The meme isn't just real, it's scarily real.”

's things that need to die

  • Party – energy in party is a waste of time.
  • Belief in
  • Belief in rule of law or the constitution
  • Belief in equality under the rule of law
  • Belief in Liberalism
  • The idea that anyone in the system has your interests at heart or could be your hero
  • Belief in cartoon cowboy individualism
  • Arguing over statistics
  • Arguing over economics

“Enough is enough!”

Academic Agent

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