Millenniyule 2021: James Delingpole | Millenial Woes

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Never Apologise

2021: James Delingpole – 16 December 2021 | Millenial Woes

Millennial Woes speaks to James Delingpole about, media whores, dirty , the fake left-right paradigm, satanic globalists and the grubby politicians marching us into oblivion.

“You should never apologise to these cunts because they are evil. When you give them blood they want more blood!”

“Look at Jacinda Arden with her crack pipe, look at Scott Morrison in Australia, look at president Bieber in Canada, look at Joe Biden, the guy is a vegetable, he's a cabbage in the White House, there are some really third-rate people in and they're there for a reason, they are there because they are malleable. They're just meat puppets!”

James Delingpole

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Source: Millenniyule 2021: James Delingpole


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