Dr. Andrew Wakefield: The Conspiracy of Medical Science Censorship | Tin Foil Hat

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Listen to “#452: The Conspiracy Of Medical Science Censorship with Dr. Andrew Wakefield” on Spreaker.

452: The of Medical Science with

In what might might be the most important episode of Tin Foil Hat, Sam Tripoli talks to Dr. Andrew Wakeman.

“People at the moment are experimental subjects, they are guinea pigs in a huge experiment and they don't realise it, they're just so frightened, they've been coerced into believing that Tony Fauci and the CDC are there for their good and will make it all right. No they will not!”

This might be one the most important conversations you will ever hear on . Sam Tripoli talks with about his journey to inform humanity of the danger of the MMR and how the medical overlords attempted to destroy every aspect of his life.

Tripoli: “I was honoured to interview this brave man.”

Source: #452: The Conspiracy Of Medical Science Censorship with Dr. Andrew Wakefield


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