Dr. Samual White: Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse | SGT Report

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Dr. Samuel White joins SGT to warn the world about the draconian and tyrannical push for mandatory vaccinations and vaccine passports – a push Dr. White is actively fighting to stop, and he’s being targeted for destruction for daring to do so.

The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse – Dr. Samuel White | SGT Report

“You can be called a ‘conspiracy theorist’ now for pointing people in the direction of the VAERS data, or in the UK it’s called the Yellow Card system, my wrap sheet charge sheet ahead of me includes a reference to the fact that I advised people to do their own research and to look at the data.”

“Well of course people should do their own research, of course! And that should form part of the informed consent process. Seemingly, informed consent, which has been a bedrock of medicine for so long, not just since the Nuremberg code in 1947 but it’s also case law and well established here in the UK, that’s just gone out the window.”

“It’s just all one big experiment on a scale we’ve never seen before.”



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