Demon Predicts The End of Humanity | World Economic Forum

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Pay Attention To The Devil's Work

Will the Future Be Human? – | 2018 |

The author of the book Sapiens, Professor Yuval Harari, pronouns he/him/it, talks about the future of our species.

Apparently our species is done. We are gonna be turned into robots whether we like it or not. We will have no choice says, the demented demon and we can be hacked anyway so we won't even realise they're changing us into hybrids. Wrong !!

You can only be hacked if you receive or allow into your body their heinous, evil, depraved shit. Of course all this is just another fantasy like and one world government, so it will only happen if they win. Which they won't.

These Satan worshipping, hybrid craving lunatics must and will be stopped.


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Source: Will the Future Be Human? – Yuval Noah Harari

Source: World Economic Forum: Will the Future Be Human?

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