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Mandatory Mass Medication

You're Brushing Your Teeth With Rat Poison – 19 Aug 2022 |

How much were you planning to drink today?

The government is planning to add a hazardous waste material into the in the UK. is set to be added to throughout England and Wales despite controversy over the long-term health effects. The law is expected to be changed so that local authorities can compel water companies to add to water.

Dietary Requirement

According to The Guardian and the , the solution to tooth decay isn't less consumption or better dental hygiene, it's more .

Enforced mass medication to ‘cut tooth decay'. Yeah, right.

Any Questions?

asks two …

“Are they adding anything to the water?

“Is what they're adding to the water a poison?

Environmentalists and consumer groups believe fluoridation has links to cancer, Down's syndrome and infant mortality, and can also damage bones.

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