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WEF Insider Reveals ‘Bug-Eating Agenda' – 03 Oct 2022 | The People's Voice

Sacred Cows and the Dangers of Eating Bugs – 20 Aug 2022 | Reese Report

Bugs Life

Delicious and nutritious! They want you to eat what you should never eat.

Over the past few months, the brainwashed Illuminati actor puppets and shills have been out in force trying to convince you to eat the bugs.

This is by no accident of course, it's an orchestrated media blitz, the most blatant campaign designed to convince you to eat insects.

Most humans have a natural aversion when it comes to insects. The sight of some types of bugs, like cockroaches for instance, provokes an instant feeling of disgust. The parasitic elite (most notably the ) want us to put cockroaches in our mouths, chew on their crunchy exterior, and swallow their viscous green insides. They want us to eat things the human body is not designed to ingest, it's just another evil perpetrated on the masses. They want you to consume this filth, while smiling happily, owning nothing. It's total servitude.

It's not a game! The Illuminati Card Game

The bug-eating agenda is not a joke. It's starting to seep through mass media and even the educational system. The goal is to demoralise, normalise and even glamorise the consumption of bugs. The WEF are looking to redefine what it means to be a human on Earth. They believe that we have too many freedoms and that we consume too many resources. When the truth is, remove all the elites from this world and you save at least 60% of the worlds resources over night.

Bob Moran

Are We The Animals?

: Agenda Clarity

In short, they see us as cattle. Other than controlling every aspect of our lives, they also want us to consume fewer resources. This is where the bug-eating agenda comes in. Using buzzwords such as “sustainability”, the globalist elite is defining what is a “responsible” diet while increasingly shaming those who eat meat and even creating yucky .

New(s) Story: Eating bugs is good for you – and the planet

are mad keen for you to chow down on creepy crawlies…

But it's a racist conspiracy theory!! 😂🤪

2023 – But it's a racist right wing conspiracy theory! LOL

: Creeping Creatures – Nutritious and Delicious!

What's for dinner? AFP: Mmmmmm. Bugs are good for you!

Celebrity Shills & Agents

Celebrities are eating bugs on camera. journalists are writing articles promoting insect-eating as an inevitability. Schools are forcing children to in class.

Other than using celebrities, uses the fake stream and their controlled social media platforms to promote their hidden agenda whilst disguising it as “” and every article they produce are thinly veiled attempts at a .

Whatever next, Cannibalism? Oh…

The New York Times thinks there's a time and a place for cannibalism.
Channel 4 thought it would be funny to make a mock-you-mentary about eating human meat.

Time and time again, eco-fascist celebrity shills and agents use their incredible acting skills to try to convince you that eating insects is delicious and nutritious and fun!

Eats Bugs – Secret Talent Theatre |

Lupita Nyong'o using her acting skills to GO CRAZY over eating ants | Thisweekng TV

Eating Bugs with Anna Faris, Tituss Burgess & Chef David George Gordon | The Late Show

Whores and TV Twats

shows how she cooks spiders and scorpions for her children on the BBC. Laughable!

We apologise if you threw up in your mouth a little, but it is essential that people understand how truly loathsome these satanic creeps really are.

. On His Plans For The Footprint Coalition | The Late Show

Acting actor, ., claims he was inspired by Tony Stark to use to make the world a better place by investing in environmentally friendly products like bamboo toilet paper and insect protein. How about we try when he's got rid of his 3 private jets, island holiday home and the properties he owns all over the world. Deal?


Human Health

Despite the insane push for humans to , there is evidence to suggest that chitin, a compound found in insect exoskeletons, has significant negative effects on human health. Some studies have shown potential inflammatory and immune responses associated with chitin consumption. Chitin can induce cytokine production, leukocyte recruitment, and alternative macrophage activation, as well as inhibit the angiotensin-converting enzyme associated with hypertension. Here are some key findings:

  1. Chitin induces cytokine production, leukocyte recruitment, and alternative macrophage activation. This suggests that chitin may have an impact on the immune system, but more research is needed to understand the extent of this effect.
  2. Chitin has been found to inhibit the angiotensin-converting enzyme, which is associated with hypertension. However, this effect may not be directly related to chitin's impact on human health, as it is primarily a property of chitin rather than a direct consequence of chitin consumption.
  3. A study on mice found that chitin triggers an allergic inflammatory response in the lungs, as well as increased production of the chitin-destroying enzyme made by cells lining the lung. This suggests that chitin may cause inflammation and allergy in some individuals, but more research is needed to confirm these findings in humans.

While there is some evidence suggesting that chitin may have effects on inflammation and immune responses, more research is needed to fully understand the impact of chitin on human health. The existing research does not provide conclusive evidence of the negative health effects of chitin, but it does highlight some potential areas of concern that require further .

The entire anti-meat agenda is built upon lies.

Award-winning journalist, Alex Newman, sheds light on a 2013 UN report asserting that meat, chicken and traditional agriculture are “not sustainable”, and that a “major campaign” is needed to persuade people to eat insects instead.

“So how are they gonna get people to eat bugs? Well, a combination of , indoctrinating children and making you very, very hungry… The goal, folks, is not to save the planet. It's not about global warming. It's not about . It's about enslaving humanity.”

“They want to wipe out small and medium sized producers, centralise control in the hands of mega corporations in bed with the mega governments. They want to move the population into the mega cities, and ultimately bring about this Great Reset and what they call the .”

Alex Newman


The elites' carefully laid plan is playing out in front of our eyes, and it all leads us towards a decreased supply of meat and an increased supply of insects and synthetic foods. Considering the fact that humans have a natural aversion to insects, why are they insisting on forcing us to ingest them? Because, to the elite parasitic class, bad is good. At The_Void, we subscribe to the principle of cash is king and the consumer decides if these enterprises are worth keeping in business. We must refuse to encourage these monsters further.

It is worth noting that whilst has entertained us with absurdist science fiction such as the classic and , the world we now inhabit seems all too familiar to the stories painted in these dystopian nightmares.

There is only one way out of our metamorphosis into lizards – and that is to say we ain't eating no damn bugs!

We're off for a nice grass-fed, organic beef steak and chips.

Bon appétit! The_Void

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