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Scorpio is a American spy film directed by Michael Winner and written by David W. Rintels and Gerald Wilson. It stars , and Paul Scofield. Delon plays the title character, a hitman hired by the to assassinate his mentor, a former agent suspected of treason.

Cross () is an experienced assassin for the who decides he’s quitting the business. When he announces his intentions, however, the decides they’d rather have him dead than retired. They assign Scorpio (), a French assassin whom Cross has mentored for years, to do the job. A complicated game of cat and mouse follows, during which Cross relies on his many contacts and years of experience to elude the man he’s taught everything he knows.

Scorpio. is a spy who wants out, but you can’t get out just by wanting out, I guess, and so the orders him executed. plays a French trigger-man that gets the assignment.



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