Executive Action

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Executive Action is a 1973 American conspiracy thriller film about the assassination of United States President John F. Kennedy.

Written by Dalton Trumbo, Mark Lane, and Donald Freed, and directed by David Miller. It stars Burt Lancaster and Robert Ryan. Miller had previously worked with Trumbo on his film Lonely Are the Brave.

Alarmed with President Kennedy’s policies, a group of ideologically marxist politicians, businessmen, assassins and intelligence agents hatch a plan to assassinate him. Enjoy this controversial 70’s thriller adapted from a story by Donald Freed and Mark Lane which uses real footage of JFK and Lee H Oswald interwoven with fictional characters and real time events to produce a compelling alternate theory and early conspiratorial glimpse in The Cabal’s modus operandi.

Long before Oliver Stone’s conspiracy theory movie, JFK, there was this movie, Executive Action. Worth watching for it’s provocative theory that President John Kennedy was assassinated by a cabal of super rich psychopaths.

An excellent low-budget dramatisation of Mark Lane’s Rush to Judgement.



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