Twilight’s Last Gleaming

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When Governments Lie People Die.

Outstanding movie and one of the coolest of the 70s – exceptional acting, directing and editing – use of split screen in places was kinda cutting edge back then and it's very effective here … great thriller – taut, intense, exciting thriller guaranteed to have you holding your breath in places — built around one of the toughest issues America has ever faced – the debacle – our intervention and the catastrophic mishandling of that war that cost hundreds of thousands of lives – over 58,000 soldiers in the war itself and over 100,000 lives lost post war to suicide, injuries and just plain hard living due to depression and PTSD – not to mention over 200,000 Vietnamese lives lost – military and civilian – and the mass evacuation that strained US resources. They'd nuke us rather than admit the truth.

A group of men led by escape from a military prison, then take over a missile installation, and threaten if their demands for the truth to be released to the public aren't met.

The_ Void

Mirror: Twilight's Last Gleaming 1977


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