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BOMBSHELL: German Propagandists See The Light

In an unprecedented move , 's number one news media org decided to quit and tell the truth for the first in many decades.

Can this may be a turning point, when even the news media wake up to the fact that they're coming for them too? Whatever it is, it is a very significant shift in the collective narrative and an admission that is likely to cause a Tsunami.

“We have to protect you, not you us.”

“I would like to say to millions of children in this country, for whom we are all responsible as a society, what our Federal Government and our Chancellor have not yet dared to say: We ask your forgiveness. We ask your forgiveness for a year and a half of a policy that has made you victim.

To victims of violence, neglect, isolation, emotional loneliness. For politics and media reporting that to this day, like poison, gives you the feeling that you are a mortal danger to our society. You're not, don't let that persuade you. We have to protect you, not you us”

Julian Reichet | editor-in-chief

It's going to be hard to cancel in time to limit the damage.


Source: Germany's largest newspaper apologizes for harming society over its coverage of the pandemic during the past 18 months


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