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Evolution turned on its head

For thousands of years men understood the need to protect their women. Mothers, daughters, sisters were more likely to survive when they were protected by strong men. In the modern era that need went too far and the suffragettes movement was born and grew until all sexual rights were equal under the law. It became the age of the professional woman and led to fearless warriors like Margaret Thatcher and Posey Parker. If women could have equal rights then so should everyone else, gays, lesbians etc – except back then there was no ect – the vast majority agreed and in time so did most others, not thinking about where it could all end of course. With the founding pioneers of equal rights being called Terfs and Menstrators !!

Standing For Women

Posie Parker was the principle behind the ‘adult human female’ posters that went up around London and Birmingham that were subsequently ruled offensive and banned everywhere after an intense harassment campaign by trans activists.

Posie was one of the early victims of unscientific cancel culture.

Go strong woman.

The stance is bold, proud, fearless, beautiful, unforgiving. A trait men *Not Soys recognise instantly in attractive smart biological women.

Sex offenders but not the unvaccinated…

Black is white and white is black.

Convince people of that and you can convince them of anything, as the saying goes, but it has gone far beyond that. What people think is one thing and it’s up to them what they think, but putting people in danger of real – not perceived – physical harm with those beliefs is basically how most societies have ended. Yet here we are, in the age of unreality and misinformation, so don’t expect any of this to get any better in the foreseeable future – which only about a week ahead.


Then you have this utter absurdity from the state broadcaster – funded by tax payers money – threatening women of all creeds with a call to the cops if they say anything the increasingly marxist BBC deem offensive or countering their contrived argument. I jest you not !!


Source: NHS to allow trans sex offenders in female-only wards. – YouTube

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