Who is Behind The Trans Agenda? | Jennifer Bilek

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The Mutilation of Truth

Jennifer Bilek | Who is Behind the TRANS AGENDA? | Big Picture

Jennifer Bilek is an investigative journalist, a feminist and a leading voice looking behind the curtain at who is pushing the trans agenda.

In this interview, Jennifer discusses one of the most controversial subjects of our time: the massive effort to promote transgenderism and to push “gender-affirming care” on children. Everyone has heard of the documentary “What is a Woman” but that film didn’t dare ask: “Who is behind this?”

Who Is Behind The Trans Agenda? – 26 March 2023 | Jennifer Bilek

What The Pharma-Backed Media Don’t Want You To Hear

On March 24th, 2023, a mother of four and a women’s rights campaigner from the UK, Kellie Jay Keen-Minshull, was nearly trampled to death by a wild and raging mob of New Zealanders. Keen-Minshull has been campaigning for women’s and girls’ rights to safety and privacy in female-only spaces for years, with her Standing For Women events recently touring the US, Australia, and New Zealand. 

Her Standing For Women campaigning consists of inspiring and helping to organize small groups of women to come out into the open and speak into a microphone about their rights. It has birthed the Twitter hashtag #LetWomenSpeak. This has centered on the harms of the gender industry, but any woman can say her piece about her rights. It’s a simple concept, one the New Zealand media and politicians have deemed so threatening they are likening her appearance in their country to a second coming of the Nazi Third Reich

One might speculate that the media fomenting this violent mob that nearly crushed her tiny 5’1” frame – even as she was flanked by security – was due to a purported group of Nazis that gathered near her Standing For Women presentation in Melbourne, Australia, on March 19th. Several groups of primarily men, clad in black and masks, had gathered near the group of women speaking, and the media had gone into a tailspin claiming they were there to support women speaking for their rights. As Keen-Minshull stated in one interview after the fact, “it is preposterous to think a group of Nazis would give a stuff about women gathering to speak about their rights.” And, of course, it is. 

To learn more about Keen-Minshull and the stir she is causing for daring to sidestep our pharma and finance-backed media conglomerates selling us on the concept of “transgender people,” or body dissociation as progressive, please visit her YouTube Channel and the website Standing For Women

In this post, I want to share the WHY behind this bold attempt by the media and politicians to frame as Nazis, Keen-Minshull and the ordinary women she has inspired to come forward in the UK, the US, Australia, and now New Zealand to speak about their rights. Suppose we are to understand why women speaking outside media conglomerate attempts to control the narrative around what is supposed to be a movement for the disenfranchised has so incited the media and politicians. In that case, we must understand the business investments in their narrative and how the pharmaceutical and financial industries control them. Watching the interview below will help you understand why they are hell-bent on framing a mother of four as a Nazi sympathizer. 

I hope you share this information with those you know and care about. 

Source: Who Is Behind The Trans Agenda? – by Jennifer Bilek


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