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How 1969 ‘Predicted' EVENTS In 2021

How 1969 ‘Predicted' EVENTS In 2021 – 4 Mar 2021 |

recalls a meeting with Dr. on 20th March 1968, in which Dr. Day revealed the world plans of a secret group of powerful people who he referred to as The .

The main tapes recorded of Dr. Dunegan were recorded in 1988. Even since then, much of what Dr. Day said was going to happen in the world has – and there is more to come.

The – transcript of tapes I-III

Transcript of three tapes on the “”, referred to on the tapes as the “new world system”: HERE

Sources and links

Source: Analysis of Dr Day's revelations.

Source: Dr Richard Day. New Order of Barbarians – Tapes 1 – 4

Source: How 1969 ‘Predicted' EVENTS In 2021| Eye OPENING Interview!


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