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– 13 Aug 2016 – Media Manipulation |

O.D.D TV is a Truth-Seeking Rap Musician who puts out enlightening music as well as thought provoking material touching on every major conspiracy that has happened around the world. An A – Z. From rewritten , to flat earth and everything in between.

This details how has been used to manipulate populations, it goes into the early , and technological techniques used to manipulate the viewers. Also, the explains how the Government uses the Mainstream Media for their own agenda, and it describes how companies use to target children. It also features predictive excerpts from different movies and T.V. shows. Additionally, it includes a section of how the Rockefeller Foundation influenced the public school system, and how the US population has been purposely dumbed down. The explains how the Mainstream Media uses the term “” to ridicule Free Thinkers, Sceptics, and people that question the “Official Story.”




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