Sacred Geometry and Divine Alchemy | Robert Sepehr

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Many of histories greatest minds shared a universal secret that facilitated their genius expressions in art, engineering, and .

An underlying esoteric tradition that spans back through pre-, which they applied to their modern inventions and theories, that centres on number, , and cosmology that exists at the core of mystery school religions. Geometric ratios were employed in the designs of ancient Egyptian, Indian, Greek and Roman , including churches, temples and mosques, believed to have a sacred divine significance.

and Divine are intertwined concepts with deep symbolic meanings. involves attributing sacred and symbolic significance to geometric shapes and proportions, often associated with religious structures and spiritual art. It is rooted in the belief that a divine creator used geometric to design the universe. This belief dates back to ancient times, with figures like Plato and Johannes Kepler emphasising the importance of geometry in understanding the cosmos.

On the other hand, Divine , often viewed metaphorically, refers to the transformation of individuals rather than base metals into gold. In ancient Egyptian tradition, was about spiritual awakening and balancing syntropy with entropy to create enlightened beings capable of uniting the cosmos within themselves. The process of aimed at transforming initiates through spiritual enlightenment, symbolised by the transmutation of base elements.

Both and Divine delve into deeper truths beyond their literal interpretations, exploring the interconnectedness of the universe, consciousness, and spiritual evolution through symbolic representations and metaphors. These concepts have been studied by various scholars and practitioners throughout for their profound implications on art, , spirituality, and personal growth.

Source: Sacred Geometry & Divine Alchemy – ROBERT SEPEHR – YouTube


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