BREAKING: Bill Gates to join celebrities in live extended TV Vaxathon | Gossip

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The ‘', supported by WHO, , , and The World Economic Forum, will be hosted by touchy-feely, Jimmy Kemmel with global health experts, professors Bill and Melinda Gates.

The record breaking event will be broadcast live on CNN, BBC, PBS and beamed around the planet to an audience expected to be in the billions. Live events will be held in every country.

“It's gonna be bigger than Live AIDS!”

Gates shrieked excitedly, Tuesday.

Guests joining Kimmel and the former computer guy will include Tom Hanks, who has promised to return to the US from Greece for the event, following an agreement with the FBI.

It is thought that Hanks will perform a rendition of a poem he wrote on his Coronavirus Typewriter when he was afflicted with the deadly virus back in March of this year.

Hanks types on his Coronavirus typewriter | Instagram | 17 March 2020

Veteran sing celebrity, Madonna, who joined the Gates Foundation effort on Covid-19 in April 2020, replied to Jimmy, Billy, and Milly's invitation on her Coronavirus Typewriter,

“Not everyone is coming to the future
Not everyone is coming from the past.”

She tap tap tapped.

Madonna taps on her Coronavirus typewriter | Instagram | 17 March 2020

Madonna is set to repeat her amazing 2019 Eurovision performance of killer Coronavirus track ‘Future', this time with ventilators and coughing, dying dancers.

Although not yet confirmed, Madonna will be performing with hundreds of award-winning employed dancers wearing black PPE, gas masks and rubber gloves. We hear they have been rehearsing a fabulously synchronised goose-stepping routine.

Madonna at her 2019 Eurovision Coronavirus performance. “They not comin' to the future…”
The hilarious TikTok dancing nurses are really gonna bring the place down. 

The amazing funded event will take place between Christmas Day and new years eve 2020.

Socially distanced Tickets will be available to the public as long as guests can prove the correct Covid immunity health passport certification. Participants will also need to show proof of a negative PCR test on arrival at venues.

Prince Harry will be travelling by private Jet from event location to event location, before completing two round the world trips to save the planet then flying back to the UK to take the vaccine on behalf of Megan Markle and the happy, glorious royals.

Kier Starmer and members of the UK labour party will also be completing a non-stop clap for carers over the ten day period.

Satan Klaus Schwab getting into the Marathon Vaxathon festive spirit.

The World Economic Forum‘s, Satan Klaus Schwab will be joining the Vaxathon via ZOOM from his secret lair in Davos. It is thought he will wish everyone a

“Happy Great Reset!”

Satan Klaus


Daytime telly idols, Phillip and Holly Schofield, are set to take along their protective hugging wall so that everyone participating in the historic event will be able to share the love at the inoculation celebration.

As you would expect, the crazy anti-vaxer, theorists and far-right, tinfoil hat brigade are already going crazy about the event.

One anti-vax loony The_Void spoke to on agreement of anonymity shouted,

“There's no fucking way I'm getting one of Kill Bill's deadly stabs!”

and muttered the dangerous words,

“why would I need a vaccine for something I have 99.98% chance of surviving?!”

YouTube CEO, Susan Wojcicki said that would be removing all comments on all videos referencing the worldwide Vaxathon from the platform. And Twitler CEO, Jack ‘Ruby' Dorsey, said that Twitler would only allow ‘authoritative voices' to comment on Vaxathon related facts.


Face Nappies. Yeah!

The_Void can confirm Gwyneth Paltrow's Covid candles will be available online as well as matching mask, gloves and visor sets by Kylie Jenner.

For those that survive , it's looking like the will be a resounding success!

“After all the doom and gloom of 2020, gives us all a little hope during this difficult time”.

Santa Klaus said, Tuesday.



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