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Huxley's Order

Brave New World Order – Series 1

[SF115] ‘Huxley's Order' Ep1 Echoes of the Huxley's |

Synchronicities and links to the Huxleys, and population changing events.

Episode 1 – Echoes of the Huxley's, discusses the connection between the first in 1967 and the second between 1988-89 in the UK, the use of & /ecstasy and their use in . Also covering the use of symbology that was used like the Smiley Face, used in many influential cultural changes, like Nirvana, The Watchman & Emoji's.

We look at significant happenings on the 22nd November, like Blackbeard the Pirate's death, Margret Thatcher loses power and many more. The rise of the with founding links in the Huxley family.


Presented by Dom & Chris

Research – Dom

SheepArt – Chris

Production & Editing – Dom

Additional Research – Chris & Lorraine


Piano Composition: Now the Silence Artist: Juan Sánchez

Theme Song – Written and Performed by Seb W

Special Thanks to Keith O'Sullivan for his kind permission to use:
Keith O'Sullivan – Shiva Shaker -1960's Psychedelic India/Hippie Rock
Keith O' Sullivan Composer YouTube Channel

Source: [SF115] ‘Huxley's Brave New World Order' Ep1 Echoes of the Huxley's


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