The Midazolam Murders | Investigation

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David Icke outlines the culling of the sick and elderly.

Murder Most Horrid

Imagine a scenario where one’s own government, prompted by financial bankruptcy, under the orders of the Globalist Cabal, decided to eliminate those they owed the most…

“This catastrophe is the first wave of the virus hoax.”

“They had food and water removed so they dehydrated.”

“They called it The .”

David Icke

A Crime Too Evil To Contemplate

Silent Witness

The Liverpool Care Pathway was a preprepared plan to get rid of pensioners who are too expensive for a government who’ve spent all of the pension funds. It’s how despots and the puppets of globalists roll. Put nothing past these people, no matter how horrendous.

Blood on Their Hands

exposes far more than his own father’s suspicious death, his research proves that this subverted form of had become widespread across the country.

Wayne Smith, the man exposing the Midazolam mass murder care home scandal

“They were moved into care homes to euthanise them.”


Theory by Deduction

“When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

Sherlock Holmes

Place of Death

The Murder Weapon

We’ve seen the reports. We’ve heard the horror stories. Was the drug of choice for a widespread campaign of implemented throughout the by the British government? All the evidence points to a pre-planned by cowards and psychopaths. , like Fentanyl or Lorazepam is a drug that effects the part of the brain that controls diaphragm breathing and the heart’s oxygen levels. These are euthanising drugs, used to put down humans like animals. The evil perpetrated by politicians and the medical profession is as imperceivable as it is unfathomable.

Why use a gun when you can use a syringe?

Matt Hancock confirming the mass purchase of Midazolam for the NHS.

Dr. Mike Yeadon: “Midazolam was created as a depopulation tool.”

provides evidence to and the .

The Main Suspects

Listen to Stew Peters expose these criminals…

“The UK has some of the most horrifying behaviour of all…”

“Doctors in the UK ordered a blanket Do Not Resuscitate Orders for all patients.”

“The British government and doctors were making the decision to let the weak and undesirable die off.”

Stew Peters
is illegal in the UK.

Behind Closed Doors

Empire State Demon

wins Emmy for best performance by a psychopath.

The Evil Men Do

The horror was just as bad in New York when globalist stooge and serial sexual predator ordered the of a hundred thousand elderly care home residents.

is also used to kill prisoners on death row. That’s how evil these monsters are.

Dial M for Murder

ordered the use of and Morphine in care homes.”

“The elderly were starved, dehydrated and left in isolation.”

“This happened while there was a complete ban on visitors.”

No Way To Die

Alone and frightened. Without family or friends. Executed by the despotic state.

Enemies of The State

Gareth Icke discusses the death of thousands of elderly and vulnerable people.

The Devil Rides Out

Today we must start proceedings to make sure every single politician, doctor, and service worker pays the price for corporate murder on an industrial scale. For that is exactly what it was. No excuses can ameliorate these crimes. There are no mitigating circumstances. They knew what they were doing.

Death Rides In

Four Horseman of The Apocalypse.

The evidence is compelling. The police should now arrest the four horsemen of this apocalypse, , Chris Whitty, , and immediately. Obviously we know they won’t because they are as corrupt as them and all the rest of our institutions.


Watch: ‘A Good Death’ – an investigation into the murders by .

Bring Me The Head Of IverMectin | Opinion

Sources and links

The Midazolam archive in The_Void.

The Sequel To The Fall Of The Cabal – Part 22 | Janet Ossebaard

There’s money in murder and hospitals and doctors made a fortune during the pandemic.

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Millennial Woes talks , deep politics and the satanic ‘hidden hand’ with UK Column’s Brian Gerrish, David Scott and Alex Thompson.

A Good Death? | Ickonic

In a new and original film from Media, we hear the heartbreaking stories from people who lost loved ones to fatal doses of morphine and .

Iain Davis: Dismantling The Fake Pandemic | The Delingpod

‘Pseudopandemic’ is the wakeup call to humanity – Iain Davies and James Delingpole forensically dismantle every aspect of the pandemic scam.

The Sequel To The Fall Of The Cabal – Part 19 | Janet Ossebaard

Janet and Cynthia continue their groundbreaking work exposing the evil satanic Cabal that rules over the earth. The Mass of the Elderly in the US, UK, and Europe.

The Bernician: People Need to Start Listening and Start Acting | The Delingpod

He wouldn’t play the game.. Michael O’Bernicia tells his incredible story to James Delingpole.

The UK Care Home Murders | Stew Peters

Irrefutable evidence of murder by and others.

Michael O'Bernicia – Treason & Justice | Good Vibrations

Michael O’Bernicia, aka The Bernician, joins Mark Devlin to discuss the latest struggles and victories related to his Private Criminal Prosecution case against the British Government.

Source: The Sequel To The Fall Of The Cabal – Part 19 | Janet Ossebaard

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Source: Midazolam was used to prematurely end the lives of thousands who you were told had died of Covid-19

Source: Midazolam used to end lives of many you were told died of Covid | Principia Scientific Intl.

Source: Matt Hancock confirming the mass purchase of Midazolam


Source: Overwhelming Evidence of Midazolam Murders By Government Policy – The Bernician

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