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We are the only resistance to this tyranny.

GVP #201 – Michael O'Bernicia – Treason & Justice |

Michael O'Bernicia, aka , joins to discuss the latest struggles and victories related to his case against the British Government.

“I'm not selling people hopium, I'm not selling people anything. All I'm doing is making them aware of exactly what I'm doing, what I've done and what I'm going to do, explaining the reasons why it's not only in their best interests to support what we're doing, it's in the interests of their children.”

Michael O'Bernicia | The Bernician


For crimes against humanity

“I cannot live with myself without doing everything I can to stop this and restore for my daughter and everybody else's children.”

Michael O'Bernicia | The Bernician

Source: GVP #201 – Michael O'Bernicia – Treason & Justice | Spreaker


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