The House of Rothschild: The World’s Banker | The Peace Revolution

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‎The Wold’s Bankster

035: The House of Rothschild: The World’s Banker | The Peace Revolution

Founded in the late 18th century by expatriate German Jews, the London-based House of Rothschild was within decades the largest banking enterprise in the world. Its principals controlled a vast portion of the industrial world’s wealth–more so, than any family has since–and as a result enjoyed tremendous political influence in the major capitals of Europe, counting as allies such important figures as Metternich and Wellington.

Notes, References, and Links for further study:

11.  Jordan Maxwell and Alex Jones discussing Teutonic Zionism (on YouTube)

a.     The 5 Crusades

b.    Teutonic Knights

c.     The Knights Templar (“Warrior Monks” = doublespeak, contradictory identification)

d.    The Knights of Malta (Sovereign Military Order of Malta)

e.     The Jesuits (The Company of Jesus, a military Order)

f.     Freemasonry (Freres Mason = Brother Masons)

g.    Hanseatic League

h.     Illuminati (1911 Encyclopedia Britannica 11th Edition, prior to being edited for public consumption)

i.      Zionism (1911 Encyclopedia Britannica)

j.      Israeli Professor Proclaims “Zionism is Stupid”

i.    References for Israeli Professor Proclaims “Zionism is Stupid”

12.  The House of Rothschild

a.     (News) New York Times Article reviewing Niall Ferguson’s 2 Volume Set

b.    (Books) 2 Volume set authored by Niall Ferguson on the House of Rothschild, “The World’s Banker”

i.    Volume 1: The House of Rothschild / Money’s Prophets (1798-1848)

ii.    Volume 2: The House of Rothschild / The World’s Banker (1849-1999)

c.     (Video) featuring historical content pertinent to the House of Rothschild books by Niall Ferguson

d.    (Video) 1934 Academy Award Nominated Film: The House of Rothschild (on YouTube)

e.     1934’s The House of Rothschild (on IMDB)

f.     1934’s The House of Rothschild (on Wikipedia)

g.    Rothschild Family (on Wikipedia)

h.     Rothschild Banking Family of England (on Wikipedia)

13.  The Brain (connecting the knowledge, as a means to understanding)

a.     Get the Brain software for free:

b.    The Jesuits (linked in The Brain model)

c.     Machiavelli (linked in The Brain model)

d.    The Illuminati (linked in The Brain model)

e.     The Rothschild Empire (linked in The Brain model)

f.     Cecil Rhodes (linked in The Brain model)

g.    The Round Table Group / CFR & RIIA (linked in The Brain model)

h.     The Removal of Critical Thinking from Public Education (linked in The Brain Model)

i.      Conspiracy / Cabal (linked in The Brain model)

j.      De Beers (linked in The Brain model)

k.     Balfour (linked in The Brain model)

l.      London School of Economics (linked in The Brain model)

14.  (Book) The Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed

15.  (Book) Secrets of the Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins

a.    Jan Irvin’s Gnostic Media interviews with Eustace Mullins

i.    Last interviews before Eustace’s death

b.    Eustace Mullins Audio Archives (mp3) on Archive dot org

16.  (Book) Rome and Jerusalem: The Last Nationalist Question by Moses Hess(1862)

a.     Specific references to:

i.    Infiltration of Freemasonic Lodges by those with an Illuminist Agenda

1.     Affirmed by John Robison (1798)

2.     Affirmed by George Washington (1798)

ii.    Creation of a future Zionist State in Palestine (1862)

iii.    Rhodes, Rothschild to fund creation of future Zionist State (1862)

Source: ‎The Peace Revolution Podcast: Peace Revolution episode 035: The House of Rothschild / The World’s Banker on Apple Podcasts


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