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They Have Everything in Place for the Implementation of Global Tyranny. 

David Martin, Ph.D. – Covid and Illegal Dealings |

In this wide-ranging interview, continues their coverage of the COVID “” by speaking with David Martin, Ph.D., who has done a phenomenal job uncovering the paper trail behind the virus now known as SARS-CoV-2.

Another mind-blowing discussion with Dr. David Martin in The_Void. Martin does not hold back and destroys every aspect of the monster pharmaceutical cartel's despotic . As it turns out, this is not a novel virus at all, as patents and government grants detailing key features of the virus go back two decades.

DR. : “There are many people who studied this very carefully and contend that one of the ulterior motivations for the implementation of this is a depopulation strategy.”

DR. MARTIN: “There's no question that's the case.”

Fauci and Baric

“If you, as an unelected and the highest paid public servant in the federal government, if you have the ability to stand in front of the president and dictate the future of the country, it's not money you're after, it's actually something else…”

“I think that this is pure one hundred percent, unadulterated sociopathic tyranny.”

“I think this is the guy who clearly has a contempt for humanity that is probably unrivalled by most, if not all historical figures.”

“Ralph Baric and Tony Fauci share a common objective which is that they both have a desire to be most powerful and have 100% immunity from public accountability.”

“And the fact of the matter is, most billionaires would aspire to the control and power those guys have Because it turns out they have something money can't buy, they have something that can only be acquired through fear and blackmail, which is exactly what they actually are trafficking.”

Experimental Injections

“The idea that we think it is acceptable to have enough deaths to justify an intervention which has not been proven, which has not been tested, and for which a clinical trial was disrupted and interrupted so that the clinical trial could never happen.”

“We are killing people wilfully, and we are doing it with impunity in the name of what we call a love affair with science. The only problem is we've desecrated science in the process too.”

US Judiciary

“I genuinely do not think we have three tiers of government. I don't think there is a department of justice, the judiciary is effectively gone.”

“The judiciary was explicitly independent, so by collapsing the judicial system in the United States we have effectively made the government a servant of its benefactors and that is industry and not just any industry the most lucrative sponsor of government right now is the pharmaceutical industry by almost twice what is paid by oil and defence combined.”

The Great Reset

“The entire illusion is being run because they're out of ideas and the best thing that you can ever see is when the incumbency is out of bad ideas they try desperately to force you into a behaviour that you would not otherwise accept. All you have to do is just say no, just don't play along.”

Incredible stuff.


  • In the early 2000s, David Martin, Ph.D., founder of M-CAM International, started finding large numbers of patents that violate biological and chemical weapons laws
  • In 1999, funded research to create “an infectious replication-defective recombinant coronavirus.” In 2002, Ralph Baric, Ph.D. and colleagues at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, filed a on recombinant coronavirus, and within a year, we got the world's first SARS outbreak
  • Since 1999, at least 4,000 patents involving coronavirus have been filed, including patents detailing key features of the so-called “novel” SARS-CoV-2 virus
  • The 2001 anthrax attack, which came out of medical and defense research, led to the passage of the PREP Act, which removed liability for manufacturers of emergency medical countermeasures
  • The funds for entitlement programs and pensions will dry up by 2028, at which point the drug industry will go bankrupt as well. With a burgeoning population that is sick from the COVID jabs, we need to prepare new systems to care for each other.

Source: COVID Fraud and Illegal Dealings- Interview with David Martin, Ph.D.,


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