Satanic Theatre – Biden’s Full Fascist Speech | Opinion

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Day of Revelation

President Biden Full Speech on – 2 Sept 2022 |

Complete with demonic red background reminiscent of a scene from ‘', the fake president used the classic trick of accusing his opponents of the very crime of which he and his cohorts are guilty.

It was every dystopian christian ‘' movie you've ever seen. None of this was created by accident as go-to online intellectual, Sam Harris, ludicrously suggested.

Project for a New American Century

In an incredible display of and in brazen style with images that will define a stolen presidency, creepy Joe delivered his remarks on ‘' in what was a devilishly divisive speech at the Independence National Historical Park in , PA, on 2nd September 2022.

President Pedo Pete, Let's Go Brandon!

The Senile Dictator

Biden appeared quite happy to cast out the majority of Americans with whom he disagreed, with the kind of proclamations that wouldn't have been amiss in Nuremberg circa 1938.

“Too much of what's happening in our country today is not normal. Donald Trump and the Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic.”

Words that mimic Biden's ministry of truth, open borders and the pliticisation of the justice system. A man who mobilised the Federal Bureau of investigation against his political opponent, rocking the very foundations of the republic.

Feeding The Creators

Obviously Brandon's dictatorial diatribe and hellish setting was a gift for the internet, and the autists duly swung into action creating their delicious memetic soup.

Shout out to The Babylon Bee for making our day…

The comparisons drawn are obvious and that is intentional.

“I'll give you my word as a Biden…”

Brandon 😂🤣

Lights! Camera! Action!

The Hollywood Production

With ominous red lighting and the military standing guard behind him, Joe pounds his fists and channels his inner Hitler then goes on to demonise all opposition to him. This was an obvious attack on all Biden's political foes and a flagrant attempt to portray them and their supporters as wicked and extreme. An absolutely unambiguous attack on the people that make up the majority of the United States of America.

In a world of camera trickery and deepfake fakery, how can we even be sure any of this staged event was actually what it appeared to be? Orchestrated and deliberate, the big question is why?

By now most of us know that Biden is nothing more than a tired old instrument of far darker forces. By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes…

That Evening's entertainment for The_Void's Telegram subscribers was an easy choice.

Orange Man Bad

As an interesting side-note, it's worth noting that all of this ‘coincided' with Trump's Q ‘truth storm' on his Truth Social platform, in which Q had alluded to the hostile take-over of the United States Government by the alphabet agencies (Q#11).

For contrast, Trump himself, held a rally the following night, also in Pennsylvania, where he declared Biden an enemy of the state.

Meanwhile, Americans everywhere are not impressed…

“It's amazing how soviet the whole things is. calls for political purges and law enforcement crack-down on his political opponents and state media cheers him on.”

Tucker Carlson

Something tells us the Brandon saga won't have a happy ending…

Enjoy the show! 🍿


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