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The – 17 Oct 2021 |

Amy discusses The , its shady beginnings and its sinister role in shaping an agenda.

The  is a long established deep state milieu. Although perhaps the most public of all such groups, it is nevertheless highly influential within the US deep state, and is often mentioned in conjunction with the Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission. Its influence may extend to de facto control of the US State Department.

Watch boast and brag about how he had the Ukrainian prosecutor assigned to investigate the company his son worked for fired.

The Ukrainian prosecutor was investigating Biden's son and his company was fired at Biden's request after threatening to withhold $1B in aid.

calls the the ‘Mothership'.

takes a question from .

Sources and links

Source: Biden Tells Story of Getting the Ukraine Prosecutor Fired

Source: Hillary Clinton accidentally admits that the CFR runs this nation

Source: Cheney, Rockefeller and The Council on Foreign Relations


Source: The Council on Foreign Relations


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