October 7 Was an Inside Job | John Hankey

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October 7th was an Inside Job with Researcher | William Ramsey Investigates

talks to about his film “ Was an Inside Job”.

Anatomy of a False Flag

Was an Inside Job – 29 March 2024 |

Was, 2023 An Inside Job is a film by , which alleges that was behind the attacks of , and that is run by Israeli interests. 

The film suggests that the Israeli military stood down for 6 hours during the attacks, and that 94% of the civilians were killed by the military to justify the in . The film was first published on March 29th, 2024.

is a documentary filmmaker known for his controversial films that challenge mainstream narratives. His latest works, “ Was An Inside Job,” focuses on the catalyst of the Israeli in .

The film delves into the political dynamics and military actions that have led to the humanitarian crisis in . Hankey's previous works have been critical of established power structures, and he takes a critical stance on 's actions in . Hankey argues that the Israeli government orchestrated the crisis.

Hankey's approach to filmmaking has been characterised by his willingness to challenge mainstream narratives and his focus on controversial topics. This has led to both praise and criticism for his work. Some have commended him for his courage in tackling difficult subjects, while others have criticised him for promoting conspiracy theories or misinformation.

Regardless of one's views on Hankey's work, “ Was An Inside Job” is likely to generate discussion and debate about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the humanitarian situation in .

Source: October 7 Was An Inside Job by John Hankey


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