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What Really Happened on – 10 Apr 2024 |

The video does not want you to see.

Richard Sanders is a journalist and contributor to (), a UK-based news organisation that focuses on investigative journalism and social justice issues. Sanders has contributed to several articles on 's website, covering topics such as British politics, foreign policy, and .

Investigations has conducted a months-long forensic analysis of the events of , 2023, which transformed the politics of the . The investigation, named “,” was produced by Negin Owliaei and Amy Walters, with guest host Kevin Hirten in for Malika Bilal. The I-Unit examined hours of footage from various sources, including CCTV, dashcams, personal phones, and headcams of dead fighters, to reveal widespread abuses by fighters and others who followed them through the fence from into . However, the investigation also found that many of the worst stories that came out in the days following the attack were false, such as claims of mass killings, beheading of babies, and widespread and systematic rape. The I-Unit's analysis found that only two babies died, and there was no forensic evidence of sexual violence. The film “” was aired on English at 12:00 GMT on Wednesday, March 20, 2024.

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