It’s The End of the World as We Know it and I Feel Fine | The Dollar Vigilante

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Number One Top Crypto Pirate Offers His Perspective on The Past, Present and Future.

Covaids Villains, Zombies and Heroes in a Slave New World Order! |

Nobody does disaster apocalypse better.  

“I think a part of me is so angry that I want to kill these cops and government people but we're in a new age now, we're in the ‘age of Aquarius', It's all love and peace man.”

“I could admit I'm wrong, I'd like to be wrong about most things I think because if I was wrong this world would be a lot better. I'm in the apocalypse and I'm having the greatest time of my life. How do you explain that?”



Links and sources


The Crypto Vigilante Twitter:

Airbnb I stayed in:

El Salvador: What was a US advisor doing at the most notorious massacre in modern Latin American history?:

The Ignored and Bloody History of the U.S. in Haiti and El Salvador

Amazon wrote a zombie apocalypse clause into its terms of service:

Scott Morrison granted Covid lockdown travel exemption to visit Sydney for Father's Day weekend:

What (ordinary) people in have to do to see their people in other states: (Video)

Meanwhile, in Texas:

Video: Watch as anti-vaxxers storm through Birmingham's flagship Primark store:

Hope? Huge crowds as Toronto police officers join rally for against

Maybe the military will stand up, but based on this, maybe not…

Source: Covaids Villains, Zombies and Heroes in a Slave New World Order!


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