Dolores Cahill: Vaccine Passports are Entirely Unnecessary | Good Vibrations

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GVP #187 – Dolores Cahill – World Freedom Alliance | Spreaker

How Can We Avoid The Tyranny of ‘Vaccines’, Vaccine Passports and Mass Surveillance?

In a bombshell interview with , Professor Delores Cahill reveals the extent of the and offers some hope for the future.

“We are supporting any initiative to stop the . It’s entirely unlawful and irresponsible and infringes all of our rights of privacy, of bodily integrity, of to travel.”

Dolores Cahill

Topics discussed:

• The Mind Virus

• Vaccines

• Vaccine Passports

• Travel

• Inalienable rights

• Freedom


Source: GVP #187 – Dolores Cahill – World Freedom Alliance | Apple Podcasts

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