Lies, Deception and Hurt – Address to Croatian Parliament | Dr. Mike Yeadon

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There's Not Been a Pandemic

Address to Croatian – 1 Dec 2023 |

, a former Pfizer scientist, delivered a censored address to the Croatian , which was prepared for The International Symposium.

's address to the Croatian is part of his ongoing efforts to share his perspectives on these issues. However, the specific details of his address and its reception in the Croatian have not been widely reported.

Dr. Michael Yeadon is a former scientific researcher and vice president at Pfizer Inc. He co-founded a successful biotech and has been cited as an expert in various scientific publications. The content of his address is not readily available due to . Yeadon has been known for his controversial views on ‘' and ‘'.

“The alleged ‘' were designed to cause toxicity and harm in human beings.”

Dr. Yeadon has made several claims about ‘' and ‘', including:

  1. Asymptomatic Infection: Yeadon claimed that symptom-free people can spread ‘' and have about the same amount of virus as people with symptoms.
  2. Virus Variants: He dismissed concerns about ‘' variants by claiming there is “zero” concern.
  3. Vaccine' Risks to Pregnant Women: Yeadon suggested that the ‘' vaccine poses risks to pregnant women.
  4. Infertility Concerns: Yeadon and another physician, , petitioned to withhold emergency use authorisation of the ‘' , raising concerns that the could cause female infertility.
  5. Safety and Necessity of : Yeadon has claimed that ‘' ‘' are unnecessary, unsafe, and could cause various adverse effects.

“For reasons I don't yet fully understand, this recording was not played at the session in . Again, I say there was no pandemic of an alleged, severe acute respiratory viral illness. We were lied to about that. At the other end of the crime, billions of people were injected with intentionally dangerous substances.”

Source: Dr Mike Yeadon address to Parliament.


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