Putin Told Moon Landing Photos Are Fake | Reese Report

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Historic Lies

Putin Told Moon Landing Photos Are Fake – Dec 2023 | Reese Report

Greg Reese discusses the fakery of the alleged .

During the “World Tour of Artificial Intelligence” event in Moscow, Russian President was presented with an AI analysis suggesting that the images of U.S. astronauts landing on the moon might not be genuine. The analysis, based on neural network technology, was demonstrated in a video featuring Putin and Nikolai Gerasimenko from Sberbank. The AI analysis claimed that almost all elements in the U.S. moon landing photos were fabricated, citing discrepancies such as light-dark contrast. However, the AI did not express any doubts about the images taken by the Chinese lunar rover. The video of the AI analysis and Putin's reaction gained significant attention online. While the U.S. and have not commented on the AI analysis or Putin's response, the debate over the authenticity of the 11 mission images continues.

Lights. Camera. ACTION!

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Source: Putin Told Moon Landing Photos Are Fake


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