First Moon Phone Call | BBC America

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1st Moon Phone Call | Moon Landing Live | BBC America

The Story of 's Phone Call to the Moon | 11

“Hello, operator? Can you put me through to the man on the moon? It's the President of The United States.”

Greatest Story Ever Told

The ludicrous situation of the president calling astronauts on the moon in 1969.

We are told that President Richard made a historic phone call from the Oval Office to congratulate the 11 Astronauts on the lunar surface.

The question is… HOW!?

“Neil and Buzz, I am talking to you by telephone from the Oval Room… This certainly has to be the most historic telephone call ever made from the White House.”

President Richard

Those words marked supposedly the longest-distance telephone call ever made.

With millions of people throughout the world listening by way of television and radio, President talked for two minutes to astronauts and Edwin Aldrin on the moon's Tranquility Base on their space phone.

Incredibly, connections at both ends were clear as the President, speaking from a standard green phone, conveyed mankind's congratulations on the unbelievable lunar feat.

One and a half seconds later, man's first call to the moon reached the headphone sets of the astronauts.

Should we wonder how the president came to have the official 11 picture of earth from the moon already hanging on the wall during his phone conversation with the astronauts? Nah.

The call apparently traveled an estimated 290,000 miles one way –almost 240,000 of that eaten up by the distance from the planet to the moon, the remainder by the following links:

The call went from the White House switchboard to the Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland some 15 miles away, where the call was switched on Bell System equipment to a Long Lines circuit fed into the Manned Space Flight Center in Houston. From there, it went by Long Lines circuit to a communications earth satellite over the Pacific. The call was then directed to an tracking station at Honeysuckle, Australia, and sped on its way to the moon.

A magnificent technological communication achievement in 1969.

The next day, President said, smiling:

“I just hope they don't charge me a toll on that call.”

The president was hilarious. Hoaxing humanity is just so damn fun!


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