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NASA's Big Deception

Zero – 2009 |

Zero seeks to prove that no man has ever really walked on the .

Think about this: to date, only three countries have been able to put a man merely in Earth orbit – the United States, Russia, and . That speaks to how difficult it is just to get into orbit. Next, consider how far away the is from the Earth: 240,000 miles. Since the alleged , no country even claims to have gone more than 400 miles from Earth and that was in the . The International Space Station orbits at 200 miles above Earth. There is a big difference between 240,000 miles and 400 miles. Why can't anyone make it more than 400 miles from Earth today if we could make a 480,000 mile round trip in 1969?

further asserts that three men were loaded into a , flew 240,000 miles to the and then achieved lunar orbit. They say the spacecraft separated and two astronauts flew 60 miles to the surface of the , in a vacuum and 1/6 Earth gravity. They then hung out on the for up to three days in 250 degree heat, hit golf balls, rode a buggy — but what powered their life support and equipment? They say BATTERIES.

They then supposedly blasted off the surface of the , docked with the third man going around the at over 4000 miles per hour, and made it 240,000 miles back to Earth. They re-entered Earth's atmosphere going 25,000 mph, but parachutes assured a safe landing in the ocean.

We hope you will agree that Zero proves the absurdity of 's claim in a clear and convincing fashion. View Zero and decide for yourself.

Zero was produced solely for educational, non-profit use.

Source: Apollo Zero (2009)


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