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THE LIE – Documentary 2019 – 14 Nov 2019 | Dude

THE LIE – Episode 2 – 19 May 2022 | Dude

THE LIE – Episode 3 – 2 Apr 2023 | Dude

Wizards' Magic

THE LIE – 2019 / 2022 / 2023 | Dude

In a world where media magic is very real, a group of evil wizards have discovered a way to manipulate the very fabric of reality.

The wizards have been experimenting with their powers for years, slowly perfecting their craft until they had achieved something truly terrifying. They unleashed their power on the unsuspecting citizens and as the effects of the wizards' magic grew stronger, people began to lose their sense of self.

The wizards revelled in their power, watching as the people slowly lost their grip on reality. But there were many who refused to be manipulated. They had always been skeptical of the magic, and are determined to find a way to break the spell.

They spent many hours studying the wizards' magic, trying to find a weakness they could exploit. Finally, they discovered that the magic was fuelled by the wizards' own sense of superiority. They believed that they were the only ones who could control reality, and that gave them power over everyone else.

With this knowledge, they could confront the wizards directly, using their own arrogance and magic against them, reversing the spell and restoring reality to its rightful state.

In the end, the people were left with a sense of confusion and disorientation. But with help, they were able to regain their sense of self and identity. And the wizards, once so powerful, were left to face the consequences of their actions.

Source: THE LIE – Documentary 2019 (Feat. The Best Nasa Fails) – YouTube


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