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Hoaxing Humanity

Short and sweet moon nonsense.

Moon Hoax – Rover Ride $33 | Daniella' S

Miniature Moon Models

Laydeeeeeees and gentlemen!

Introducing the worlds most expensive radio control buggy…

15 Rover Deployment

Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV, 1971–1972)

16 Grand Prix sequence was filmed with small scale models and radio controlled car which means that all of the lunar surface pictures have been taken with small scale models. Small scale models have been photographed with periscope cameras and snorkel lenses which makes small scale models look like life-size.

Comparison of the LM (Lunar Module) in the lunar surface pictures and liftoff videos to the LM in the lunar orbit docking sequence pictures and films shows that they look exactly the same. This means that all of the lunar surface pictures and lunar orbit docking pictures and films have been taken with same size or different size small scale models.

These high quality small scale model pictures are mixed in with low quality tv transmission videos which have been taken on a different life-size circular set.

There is also a third major set type for the high quality DAC (Data Acquisition Camera) film sequences. All of the high quality DAC films are little areas that don't require large sets.

Exception is the long distance moving LRV (Lunar Roving Vehicle) DAC films which have been taken with simulator ride and convex screen setup. In these sequences the bouncing LRV rig is life-size, but the material projected on to the convex screen has been filmed with small scale sets (periscope/snorkel). In all of the long distance moving LRV DAC films the viewer never sees the LRV wheel or the astronauts boots hitting the ground.

There are other exceptions as well like the 16 Grand Prix sequence which is high quality “DAC” (periscope/snorkel) film sequence, but with small scale models and radio controlled car.

All of the different set types are mixed in together so that the viewer cannot tell which is what.

1. Life-size low quality set for the “live” action requires approx. 150m circular set according to MB Enhanced. Standart football stadium pitch is 120m by 90m.

2. High quality small scale model set requires approx. 50m circular set according to me. Periscope/snorkel camera which takes the small scale model pictures is on a rig that is moving on a studio ceiling. That is why the camera can be placed anywhere and has 360° panorama view. Periscope/snorkel camera setup is lowered from the ceiling to the chest height of the small scale astronauts.

3. High quality lunar surface DAC film sequences are little areas on a basic life-size set that don't require circular set or anything else high-end.


Example of the low tech version of the convex screen periscope camera “LRV” rig setup from the year 1968 (LRV was first time in use on 15 in the year 1971). 1968: Inside the COMMAND MODULE | Tomorrow's World |Retro Tech| BBC Archive.

Example of the high quality lunar surface DAC film sequence that is filmed on a small life-size set (note the wall of the set in the upper left corner). THE DISCUSSIONS “ 2.0” PART 2 OF SHOW 10.…

Possible circular studio set conception.…

Possible periscope/snorkel camera setup that is reflected on the astronaut's visor. AS17-134-20387.…

Possible light equipment is hanging on the studio ceiling and is reflected on the astronaut's visor 1/2. AS12-48-7071.…

Possible light equipment is hanging on the studio ceiling and is reflected on the astronaut's visor 2/2. AS12-48-7074.…

Small scale LRV model. AS17-147-22521.…

Leonid Konovalov, for Dummys: Scale Mannequins and Miniatures in Imagery, Aulis Online, (July 2019).

Source: 19 04 MB ENHANCED Summary.…

16 “Grand Prix” (1972 April 21, Moon)

Moon Hoax – Puppet on a String | Daniella' S

An absolutely classic – ‘Puppet on a String' Moon Edition.

Actors using monofilament wires and counter weights. The slow motion used has been corrected. Hoaxing humanity looks like so much fun!


It's gonna be so cool when the boffins build back the technology to go back to the moon.

“I'd go to the Moon in a nano second. The problem is we don't have the technology to do that anymore. We used to but we destroyed that technology and it's a painful process to build it back again.”

– Donald R. Pettit

1968: Inside the COMMAND MODULE | Tomorrow's World | BBC Archive

“Before the end of next year, men could be flying across the moon's surface and preparing to land.” – John Parry.

James Burke and John Parry report from inside an space capsule simulator at the space research centre in California. Every effort has been made to ensure these simulated flights are as authentic as possible, so that astronauts Michael , and Neil are prepared for every eventuality.

A bespoke camera system is trained on a large model of the Earth, to give the illusion of the capsule orbiting high above the surface, while another camera and model setup accurately recreates the positions of some 1353 stars. 

An artist's impression of the moon is used to create the moonscape, which is used for simulating the – until now – top secret ‘Moon Scooters'.

Originally broadcast 21 August, 1968

Last Takeoff from the Moon – 17's Lunar Module blastoff!

Questions for Buzz – Zoey interviews – 15 Sept 2015

Zoey interviews at the National Book Festival in Washington, DC, on September 5, 2015

documentaries in The_Void

THE LIE | Space Dude

In a world where media magic is very real, the evil wizards have discovered a way to manipulate the very fabric of reality.

Conspiracy Fact: Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out to be True | Quick Guide

The phrase “ theory” is often used to ridicule and deride people who hold unconventional beliefs or to dismiss allegations against powerful individuals and institutions.

The Ultimate Moon Landings Hoax Video | John Thor

presents an epic compilation of evidence that the alleged couldn't have happened.

20 Proofs NASA Faked the Moon Landings | Eric Dubay

When examined in-depth with a critical eye, these staged events are found to be nothing but a monumental hoax perpetrated upon a gullible and unsuspecting public.

What happened on the Moon? – An Investigation into Apollo | David Percy

This compelling film throws into serious doubt the authenticity of the missions and features information that challenges the declared abilities of to successfully send a man to the Moon and return him safely to Earth.

Astronauts Gone Wild | Bart Sibrel

Astronauts Gone Wild: An Investigation Into the Authenticity of the , is a 2004 documentary film produced and directed by , who charges that the six were elaborate hoaxes.

Apollo Zero | Jarrah White

Zero seeks to prove that no man has ever really walked on the moon.

Media Manipulation – From JFK to 9/11

A look into how the media has manipulated everything from the JFK assassination to 9/11 to give you a false sense of reality.

American Moon | Massimo Mazzucco

It was either the greatest event or most obvious hoax in modern history. Did man really land on the moon?

The NASA Moon and Mars Landing Hoaxes | Eric Dubay

steals 52 million dollars in taxpayer money every single day giving us back nothing but science-fiction movies and bold-faced lies.

Secret Space | Chris Everard

From the to crop circles… Chris Everard's excellent Secret Space series.

NASA's Laughable Apollo Lunar Lander | Eric Dubay

takes a closer look at the moon lander that looks like it was made by the Blue Peter team.

Magicians of the Moon | J Wilderness

Exploring the wizards involved with the supposed manned moon missions. (N)ever (A) (S)traight (A)nswer.

First Moon Phone Call | BBC America

When the president called the moon.

Was it Only a Paper Moon | James Collier

The moon hoax is as relevant today as it was back then.

Why NASA Never Went Back To The Moon

Why We Never Went Back To The Moon. On December 11, 1972, 17 touched down on the Moon. This was not only our final Moon landing, but the last time we left low Earth orbit.

NASA: Going Nowhere Since 1958 | Jeranism

An excellent film that explores and its history of lies and deceptions.

Room 237

Once upon a time the slime got a man called Stanley to fake the .

Alternative 3 | Science Report

Check out this odd and quirky TV documentary, special report, made in the 1970's that explores the strange disappearance of several top scientists.

We Never Went to the Moon | Bill Kaysing

Bill Kaysing was head of the technical presentations unit at the Rocketdyne Propulsion Field Laboratory in California from 1956 to 1963

Apollo 11 Post Flight Press Conference

One of the most depressing things you'll ever watch…

Armstrong: Apollo 11 25th Anniversary Speech | TheApollo11Channel

“There are great ideas undiscovered, breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of truth's protective layers.”

The Apollo Moon Missions | Hiding A Hoax In Plain Sight

Did we really go to the moon? This one is an enduring mystery.

Sources and links

Moon Buggy:

Source: Don Pettit NASA

Source: Apollo Moon Hoax – Puppet on a String

Source: Moon Hoax – Rover Ride $33


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