NASA’s Laughable Apollo Lunar Lander | Eric Dubay

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's Laughable Lunar Lander


It's gonna be so cool when the boffins build back the technology to go back to the moon.


's Laughable Lunar Lander – 12 Sept 2021 |

Take a second to honestly observe the following picture and tell me what this looks like to you? If you said a bunch of cardboard, construction paper, curtain rods, gold tape and foil, you would be correct.

If instead you said The National Aeronautics and Space Administrations highest technological achievement, incapable of being reproduced today, the 11 Lunar Lander, then you would also be correct. Most unbiased viewers would assume your average high school art class could construct this contraption without much struggle, but official spokesman and astronaut assures us that actually this 1969 technology is so advanced that even with their multi-billion dollar yearly budget, they cannot for the life of them recreate it now.

“I'd go back to the Moon in a nano-second,”

Don informs us,

“but destroyed that technology and its a painful process to build it back again.”

Arts and crafts

Firstly, why on Earth would destroy the original Lunar Landers? The historic first crafts that landed men on the Moon, the supposed most incredible achievements of mankind, and they irreparably destroyed them so that they could not be replicated even after 50 years? Could it be because they didn't want future generations able to visit museums and see these laughable 1960s attempts at high-tech-looking space vehicles? And what other 1960s technology is so advanced and expensive that it cannot be recreated easily and far better now than way back then?

Actor's view

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