The Next Mass Fear Event | Rachel Elnaugh

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After her warning of genocide, Rachel Elnaugh returns to The_Void to warn of another mass fear event. Where there’s no fear there’s no power.

Should we expect an ‘alien invasion’ mass fear event?

We’ve had the mass fear incident around health which has required a global response by the World Health Organisation bankrolled by essentially big tech and big pharma. The Communication is all stitched up as the 1% own all of the media channels, all of the big tech communications channels and all social media channels. They’re all signed up to the World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Reset’, they’re all strategic partners.

The 5 Columns of the Global Power Structure:

  1. Big Pharma
  2. Big Tech
  3. Communications
  4. Infrastructure
  5. The Economy

Mass Trauma

Expect a mass fear event that is going to need a global military response and expect a mass economic event, probably to do with currencies crashing, which will require a global economic and financial response in the form of a new world currency which will will of course be the final piece which allows the powers that shouldn’t be to control everything.

“When everything is connected into one global digital currency controlled by the elite it’s kind of game over.”

Rachel Elnaugh

Strong Communities 

We must build strong communities. We have to prepare for what is coming. We have to develop our strength and ability to stand strong in the eye of the form and not be swept into the fear and the high winds which are going to pull us into the flight/ fight/ fear/ anger response. 

Stick Together

We have to stick together. We are the only thing standing between them and this great global power plan reset of mass command control, global governance being ploughed through and we need to be prepared.


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