God’s Banker – Roberto Calvi

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Satan and the Freemasons

The president of Banco Ambrosiano Roberto Calvi, the “banker of God”, is found hanged in London under the Bridge of the Black Friars.
On the morning of 18 June 1982, sixty-two-year-old Italian Banker Roberto Calvi was found hanging from scaffolding under Blackfriars Bridge in London. Bricks and lumps of concrete were recovered from the pockets and inside the crotch of Calvi’s trousers, and from the pockets of his jacket.

The first coroner’s inquest into Calvi’s death recorded a verdict of suicide. There were no injuries to suggest that he had been assaulted prior to his death, and no injection marks were observed to indicate the possible administration of an incapacitating drug.

However, Calvi was a devout Catholic and his family were convinced that he would not have taken his own life, and therefore must have been murdered. The Calvi family secured the services of George Carman, QC to represent them. When a second inquest was held a year later it recorded an open verdict, which indicated that the court had been unable to determine the exact cause of Calvi’s death. Calvi’s family continued to maintain that his death had been a murder.
Roberto Calvi, dubbed “God’s Banker”, was the chairman of an Italian bank with close ties to the Vatican in Rome. Within days of his arrival in London, the bank had collapsed.



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