Excess UK deaths are in the YOUNG caused by Lockdown not COVID | Kevin Boyle

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Ivor Cummins is a data analyst specialising in bio-engineering. His ongoing analyses of the COVID19 “pandemic” have been brilliant.

Here is a short extract edited (for brevity) from from his latest presentation:


Recommending all subscribe to his channel and follow updated as it is presented.

In the UK 'cause of death' , location and age of deceased is meticulously recorded going back for many years. What Cummins has done is found the WEEKLY average for each particular disease/category over the past 5 years and compared each particular average with the weekly figure in the same category for this year 2020. Now we can know exactly where the excess deaths are and in what illnesses and what ages and what locations. Brilliant work with a jaw-dropping take away.

What kind of lying rubbish are we being sold by our ‘protectors'? There is obviously something going on other than what we are being told.

Source: MUST SEE! Excess UK deaths are in the YOUNG caused by Lockdown not COVID – YouTube


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