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An Oligarchy Controlling Everything

Forgotten : The and the PR Machine |

clearly demonstrate the psychopathy of the eugenicist Rockefeller mindset the insane globalists want to inflict on the world. 

The was a mass killing perpetrated by anti-striker militia during the Colorado Coalfield War. Soldiers from the Colorado National Guard and private guards employed by Colorado Fuel and Iron Company attacked a tent colony of roughly 1,200 striking coal miners and their families in Ludlow, Colorado, on April 20, 1914. Approximately 21 people, including miners' wives and children, were killed. John D. Rockefeller Jr., a part-owner of CF&I who had recently appeared before a United States congressional hearing on the strikes, was widely blamed for having orchestrated the massacre.

The 108th anniversary of The just happened last month. Always feels strange how a century can go by and little details slip through the cracks, forgotten. “We thought we knew this story… but then we had to go and dig.” –

“These are the people. They don't care about men, women and children. They don't care!”

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Source: Forgotten History: The Ludlow Massacre and the PR Machine


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