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Riot Holiday – June 2020 |

Following the death of in May 2020, unrest broke out and quickly spread across the . Seattle was one of many cities affected.

The Seattle Time says:

“It took the ripples of outrage over the death of in Minneapolis last May about three days to reach Seattle, driving thousands of protesters into the streets in solidarity with demands to end police violence against people of color and address, finally, the institutional racism that feeds it.

In reality, many of the so called ‘protesters' were just mindless thugs bent on destruction. Standard operating procedure for neo-marxist-insurrgents. First they destroy, then they hunt, then they become victims of their own misapprehension and folly.

“Holiday! Celebrate!”


had plans to get out of Seattle but “they all went to shit due to Covid”. He couldn't leave. His flights got cancelled, the border was closed – nothing had been going on for two months, then there was a huge protest…

So what's it like going on a riot holiday in your own city?

finds out…

It isn't recommended.

“I'm not a conspiracy theorist, or maybe I am… but it almost seems like they want people to riot.”

– June 2020

Year Zero

It takes many years and far more dedication to build something that takes only minutes to tear down. Be warned civilisation, we are entering the last days of Rome. All hail the Visigoths!

Year Zero commences…


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Source: How a year of protests changed Seattle

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