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What if humans did not evolve and that the history of humanity has been covered up?

Are ancient bloodlines controlling our perceptions? Did the Great Library Of Alexandria contain important information about the real origins of humans?

, whose previous conversation about the Titanic is remarkably convincing, published a very thick book titled The Falsification of History: Our Distorted Reality, whose description is as follows.

Ancient human

This book relates the current, insidious plight facing the human race as a direct result of a grand deception that has been imposed upon it for tens of thousands of years if not longer. This has been perpetrated by the systematic, ongoing falsification of history in much the same way as perpetrated by the powers that be in the suspiciously prophetic novel ‘1984', by George Orwell. We have all been deceived on a monumental scale by a tiny clique of people who by their own birthright and bloodlines absolutely believe that they have the divine right to rule over us by whatever method best suits their purposes.

Why do I believe what I believe?

I don't know. 

Peter Boghossian, who has been very influential in my journey, has some fascinating expansions on why people believe what they believe. The epistemological answer to my question probably hinges on the fact that it's easier to trust the schooling vector and various established authorities like the media, government and academia (also known as The Cathedral).

For example, Ben Van Kirkwyk suggests that human history is both cyclical and way older than what we've been taught.

Easter Island

Is evolution unscientific nonsense?

Again, I don't know.

Henry Morris provides an interesting critique of Evolutionary Theory.

First of all, the lack of a case for evolution is clear from the fact that no one has ever seen it happen. If it were a real process, evolution should still be occurring, and there should be many “transitional” forms that we could observe. What we see instead, of course, is an array of distinct “kinds” of plants and animals with many varieties within each kind, but with very clear and — apparently — unbridgeable gaps between the kinds. That is, for example, there are many varieties of dogs and many varieties of cats, but no “dats” or “cogs.” Such variation is often called microevolution, and these minor horizontal (or downward) changes occur fairly often, but such changes are not true “vertical” evolution.

The fake pandemic has opened my eyes to the gaping holes in The Science™, from the outright rejection of pragmtatic methodology (such as observation and reproducibility) to the adoption and celebration of consensus and computer modelling (such as viruses and climate change).

Scientific Method

The Scientific Method is wholly ignored, as pharmaceutical scientist Mike Donio noted, in the medical and climate change industries.

Our conversation

John chatted to me about the first part of his massive book, including evolution, ancient bloodlines, , the Great Library Of Alexandria and false flags.

John makes the point that everything is linked and doesn't exist in isolation.

Source: John Hamer on falsifying history


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