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One by One: Directed by Diane Jessie Miller. With Steven Macaulay, Rik Mayall, Sean Meyer, Katrina Nare. A cafe worker is violently jolted from her day-to-day existence when offered the startling revelation that this world may be on the brink of destruction, revolution, or both.

Rik Mayall’s final work before his strange sudden death…

ONE by ONE with RIK MAYALL FULL FILM On New World Order the People.

Rik Mayall made this film in 2014 a very good story as to those who are aware of the New One World Order playing out day by day, it contains some clever tips on waking the sleeping masses as well as divulging what is in 2020 exactly what is happening. Both a good film but with some great insights to the so called Conspiracy Truthers.

Rik Mayall had a sudden heart attack in 2015 and known for his being very aware of the world plan and what was going on whilst the people slept. So was the heart attack a fluke or induced yet again?

Many think Rik’s final message was his most important. A wake up call to humanity.

“If there’s is one thing I know about this movie, it’s that it was meant to be shared.” – Dave McGowan.

Rik Mayall’s interesting interview from the Extras in Believe Nothing.



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