One by One | Rik Mayall

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A Film About Waking Up

– 2014 | Directed by Diane Jessie Miller

With Steven Macaulay, , Sean Meyer, Katrina Nare.

A cafe worker is violently jolted from her day-to-day existence when offered the startling revelation that this world may be on the brink of destruction, revolution, or both. A thought provoking drama about how we live our lives…

When the men behind the curtain run out of enemies, you're next!!

Question everything. Stand Up. Eyes Open. Ears down to the ground.

“How can you believe that stuff? You sound like crazies, you really do!”

Dion |

A good story for those who are aware of the ‘New One World Order' agenda playing out, the film contains some clever tips on waking the sleeping masses, as well as divulging exactly what is happening in the world today. A good film with some great insights into so called ‘conspiracy truthers'.

's final work before his sudden death in 2014.

died suddenly on 9 June 2014 at the age of 56, shortly after the release of . The second time he had died, Mayall claimed he had been dead for five days after he was seriously injured when crashing a quad bike 1998. It's almost like he was given another chance to warn others of the grave threat facing humanity. Many think Rik's final message was his most important. A wake up call to humanity.

“If there is one thing I know about this movie, it's that it was meant to be shared.”

Dave McGowan


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