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John & Evelyn () – Jan |

The infiltration of rightwing politics.

() is a content creator and internet personality in his spare time, and an engineer in real life. He cut his teeth streaming about culture war issues with the likes of Sargon of Akkad, but has since graduated to more serious topics.

Evelyn Grant is an economics graduate, occasional guest on The Academic Agent and outspoken advocate for a revolutionary mindset on The Right. Some people call her “The Blackpill Dinner Lady.” Together they co-host a on Youtube and Substack, as well as hosting events in real life via Nomos Events. 

“These people come across as creeps. comes across as a bizarre egotist crazy person. He looks like a psychopath. They are quite frankly disgusting in how they operate.”

Gatekeeper Agents

The term “gatekeepers” in the context of infiltration agents in politics refers to individuals or groups who seek to control key chokepoints or gateways in institutions, enabling them to influence or alter political behavior or perceptions. This can involve clandestine funding, spreading false rumours, or forging bonds with politicians to gain future favours. The concept of gatekeepers has been applied to various areas, including media, financial services, and the internet. The influence of gatekeepers, whether state or non-state actors, raises concerns about accountability, transparency, and the need for regulatory measures to address potential manipulation and misinformation in political contexts.

Gatekeepers are visible in various contexts, such as the role of woke activists in infiltrating institutions, the influence of non-state actors in altering behaviour and perceptions, and the use of proxies to corrupt politicians. These examples illustrate the potential impact of gatekeepers on political processes and the challenges they pose to accountability and transparency.

The role of gatekeepers in politics can be understood through the following aspects:

  1. Regulating access to resources and opportunities: Political leaders who occupy positions of authority in parties or public service act as gatekeepers by controlling access to resources and opportunities for politicians, candidates, and the public.
  2. Maintaining the status quo: Gatekeepers are often accused of protecting the existing political order and promoting their own hand-picked candidates, while blocking resources and support for unwelcome candidates. This can contribute to the perpetuation of an unrepresentative political system.
  3. Shaping behaviour and perceptions: Gatekeepers can influence behaviour and perceptions by controlling the flow of information, funding, and support. For example, in the mass media, journalists and press institutions act as gatekeepers, deciding what news is considered best for public consumption.
  4. Facilitating and impeding access: Gatekeepers can act as facilitators or impediments to access, depending on their interests and preferences. For instance, they may grant or deny access to resources, information, or opportunities based on their own priorities or relationships.
  5. Impact on elections: Gatekeepers play a significant role in shaping elections by controlling the flow of resources, information, and support. They can protect incumbents or promote their own preferred candidates, which may affect the outcome of elections.
  6. Transparency and accountability: Gatekeepers often operate without transparency or accountability, which can lead to misuse of power and lack of accountability for their actions. Efforts to hold gatekeepers accountable and promote transparency are essential for ensuring a fair and democratic political process.

Gatekeepers in politics play a crucial role in regulating access to resources and opportunities, shaping behaviour and perceptions, facilitating and impeding access, and impacting elections. However, their actions can lead to concerns about transparency, accountability, and fairness in the political process.

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